Lost and Found Identity

Shortly after Christmas–when the relatives left and the decorations were put away–I became a little frustrated with the length of my “To Do List” and the fact that the other members of Thomas Inc decided, that instead of helping, they would just add to that long friggin’ list.

I was exhausted. I was beginning to feel that my efforts were being wasted on a bunch of uncaring and unappreciative men. I’d been catering to them for far too long.

During one of my “10 minute breaks” I decided—for shits and giggles–to look at the job market on Monster.com.  I found a Part-time administrative assistant position available in a nearby town.    

Hmmmmm………..what IF (for shits and giggles, of course) I applied for said-position? Without telling anyone? Wouldn’t it be SWEET if I got an interview and….God help me….a job offer?? What would they all think then? 

I went to the office to look for my resume. I know I had updated it….back in 2005. 

Ummmmm……………resume missing.  Checked the file drawer. My padfolio. My “human resource” folders. The resume writing books. My momento box. My new laptop. My old laptop.  NOTHING.( I had this very sneaking suspicion a copy might be on the computer hard-drive that we recently destroyed….the computer hadn’t worked in 2 years…..)

I became FRANTIC!!!! 

I found some packages of “resume paper.” Nope, not in there either. Searched through Hubby’s file drawer. I had a vague recollection that he and I might have made a “resume folder” together and, MAYBE he had it.

Up to the frigid 10 degree attic. Searched through boxes. My boxes. His boxes. Joint boxes. NOTHING TURNED UP…..except hubby’s resumes from college! Lot of good that would do me.

The last time I held a (paying) job was December 2000—I quit right after I found out I was preggo w/ twins and moving back to Boston. I had a pretty sweet resume.  I had even kept it “up to date” with my “work” with the Mother of Twins club stuff I had done. And now it was gone.

I know this may sound completely looney, but I honestly felt that a piece of me was missing. I was a great employee–my employers always took a chance on hiring me, and I never let them down–always went above-and-beyond. I had amassed such great experience in the legal/HR world. And that resume did a FANTASTIC JOB of conveying that. I don’t think I could recreate (on paper) my working career from 1993-2000.

When Hubby came home, I had to fess up. I asked if he had a copy of my resume anywhere. Talk about a deer in headlights. “WHY do you need a copy of your resume?”  At this point it was no longer about looking for a job…..I just needed to have a copy of my resume.  Maybe as a reminder that once upon a time I was important…..felt appreciated by my co-workers and bosses.

Hubby took a look around, and came up empty handed. Not good enough. THERE HAD TO BE A COPY SOMEWHERE.

The following week, during a brief “thaw”, I ventured back into the attic. There were 3 boxes I hadn’t opened, because I knew they contained Bar Exam review books and some Law texts (a part of my past that I don’t quite know how to deal with or face). It was time to open them. Deep into box #2, I found a file folder that lo-and-behold held 3 copies of a resume dating from 1997-1998. 

Something I could work with. It contained everything up until my last job in California. I could come up with something for that job. And then all my volunteer work over the past 9 years would have to be added.


A part of me was found.


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