PJs vs. Workout Wear

If you haven’t figured it out yet, I am somewhat of a traditionalist. I believe in PJs. As a young child, I wore my feetsies (love the feetsies), then the cotton kind with lacey trim. I went through my Tshirt-to-bed phase (which, I suppose, is technically NOT a PJ), and my silky Victoria Secret 2 piece cami-jammies and sleep camisoles. Over the past decade (or so), I have worn my fair-share of flannel sets and cotton 2piece tshirt and short sets.

But  now, as I’m seeing….blurred lines….if you will….over PJs and workout wear. I can probably blame my local Target, where the workout wear and PJs are right next to each other. Quite often I can’t figure out where one ends and the other begins.

My most recent Jammie-purchase is a 3/4 sleeve length pink top with a wide top, and a pair of gray, reach-the-knees, “sweatpants.” It is so wicked comfy. But when I put them on at night, I feel like I should be heading to the gym instead of bed. And forget when I wake up in the morning….I don’t want to change into “regular” clothes.

Upon further reflection, haven’t you as well noticed people wearing flannel “pajama pants” and “fuzzy ugg-like slippers” out in public…to go shopping, to school, to football games? And we wear the workout wear to bed. My neighbor is a workout fiend. She is *always* in workout wear. For the life of me, I can’t picture what she would wear to bed….because it’s probably very similar to what she wears during the day. Funny, huh?


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