All I wanted was a cup of coffee….

Over the past year I have developed a love-hate relationship with Keurig and my coffee machine(s). 

First, allow me to explain WHY we have a Keurig machine, and then I’ll get into my frustrations.  Years ago, Hubby was told by his doctor to stop drinking (or limit) caffeine. He switched from Coke to Sprite, and from “regular” coffee to decaf.  When this happened, we put away our Mr. Coffee (as I don’t drink enough to warrant making a daily pot o’ joe), and we switched to instant. It wasn’t great, but it worked for us.  But I don’t necessarily drink coffee for the taste; I drink it for the effect.

While we were living in England, our friend Helena had a Nespresso coffee machine, which used individual pods to make lattes.  Ooooh, it was very nice. Upon our return to the US in 2008, I discovered the Nespresso carried a very nice $400 price tag.  Luckily, at the same time, I discovered the Keurig coffee machine—a perfect solution—“reasonably” priced (in comparison to the Nespresso), pods were easily available in both regular and decaf options, with lots of flavors of both.

I purchased my first Keuring in August 2008 at Costco. It was love at first cup.  It was a work-horse until December 2010. It was starting to die a slow death, despite Hubby’s constant care of the machine.

I did a little research (Hahahahaha) and found out that, sadly, the life expectancy of a Keurig coffee machine is about 2 years–right where my machine was at. I also learned that there is no way to “recycle” the machines or get replacement parts (other than the reservoir). In some cases, Keurig will send a new machine to the owner, but doesn’t ask for the old one back. They become landfill junk. Just think of all your friends who have a Keurig machine…..and if each machine was replaced every 2 years….Not a pretty picture.

Despite the research, I purchased a “new” Keurig machine in January 2011 from Target. 

Why is “new” in quotes?

I registered my machine with Keurig shortly after I bought it because from the start it had a few “hiccups.” On occasion, it wouldn’t brew a cup of coffee. But with a little jiggling, or turning it off/on, it would start right back up, and produce some java.  It wasn’t often, but often enough that I held on to the receipt, and up until 3 weeks ago, the box was in the basement.

On Saturday, we returned from vacation, and I needed some caffeine *desperately.*  The machine WOULD NOT WORK.  We tried again on Sunday, and on Monday, and on Tuesday.

No Coffee.

I called Keurig, since my 90 day return window with Target had long closed.  I figured the machine would therefore be covered under the 1 year warranty. Upon TRIPLE CHECKING the machine’s serial number, Keurig-man informed me that the machine sitting on my kitchen counter has already been declared “defective” by the Keurig company, and they could not help me. 

Hello? Come again? Clearly the lack of caffeine was affecting my ability to listen and understand English.

apparently, MY machine had a previous owner, who called it in to Keurig…..who replaced it with a freebie.  Somehow, MY machine ended up in Target, who then sold me a defective machine. 

That’s the theory Mr. Keurig tossed out to me. Incredible.  He further said that I needed to take it back to Target and deal with them; there was nothing Keurig could/would do for me.  

Now, granted it’s been 8 months since I purchased the machine, but most people can tell when they buy something that was returned.  I can’t remember now, but I’m sure I would have noticed the way it was packaged, something missing, etc.  I was NOT looking forward to being the “monkey in the middle” of this coffee mess between Target and Keurig.  All I wanted was a cup of coffee! 

Luckily, the Target folks were helpful….a little peeved at Keurig’s handling of the situation….but they were willing to take my old machine and get a new one.