Job Search Update

Well, friends, we are approaching the end of August. Or, more specifically, we have just passed mid-August.  This is the time of year I declared that I would start my job search in earnest. And I have. In fact,  I have set a goal for myself.  Send out at least 3 resumes per week. And network.

How goes it? you ask.


I have sent out my resume a record FOUR times this week.   I’m being slightly picky–I’ve decided to narrow my search to Human Resource positions, and within a 15 min drive from home. Which is such a shame because there are so many intersting positions just a bit too far out of my “scope.”  I have, however,  expanded my search to full-time positions–if it sounds intersting enough, and/or is close enough to home.  In fact, I have sent in my resume for 2 full-time positions. They just sounded SO RIGHT and SO INTERESTING, that I figured if I DID get an interview, then I could ask/request/plead to make it 30 hours rather than 40 hrs per week.

I am still occasionally looking at administrative assistant positions–but when I read the job descriptions, I’m not that excited.  Answering phones, photocopying. Been there, done that. More than once.  I’m looking for something slightly juicier.

For the most part, I’ve ruled out paralegal/legal asst positions. I have looked, and the jobs available are in areas of law I have NO INTEREST IN.  Truthfully, I had THE BEST paralegal job before I moved to California–and that is the standard I will compare all law-related jobs to.

I decided to expand my search to Office Manager jobs. Why? It’s very similar to an Admin Asst position, but with a little more responsibility. Usually in a smaller office, so they lay the workload on.  I found one in a nearby town, but I couldn’t seem to send the resume.  I’ve had TWO FRIENDS tell me this week that it’s OK to be choosy/picky, because “I deserve it.”  Not sure what that means, but I figured that since Human Resources really interests me, I rather pursue any and all avenues in that field before I decide to “settle.”

AND…..I’ve networked this week. I’m not a big fan of networking. It’s a necessary evil.  I reached out to two former co-workers and a former associate of Hubby’s in order to “put myself out there.”  As I told my BFF, if nothing comes out of it, I’m OK–at least I get to meet up with a couple of old friends. On the other hand, both of the former co-workers I have contacted are pretty well connected. And they both wrote back to me with an interest to meet. Fingers crossed, please!

The biggest issue I am facing in my job hunt is….what to do with my law degree?? Despite all the “advice” from professionals to keep it in my resume as a way to distinguish myself from other candidates, and to show that I have brains and a willingness to work hard towards a (challenging) goal………….I feel like it hurts my chances to get a job. The jobs I am applying for, do not necessarily need or require a law degree.  A Master’s degree might be too much. I’m afraid that hiring managers see the “JD” and say “WTF?” and discard my resume.  I’m nearing the point where I think I may omit it from my resume.  Your thoughts?

Well…I’ll keep you posted on how things go the next few weeks…..