I am Thankful for……

My husband who loves me. He has given me so much. Thank you.

My children who make me smile and remind me to remain young at heart. (yes they also test my patience and give me gray hairs, but I am thankful for that as well).

My mother….although  I can’t explain or understand why she does things, deep down I know she acts out of love.  And I’m lucky to have a mom.

My extended family and friends.  No matter what the problem, you are there for me.

Especially my BF-M and my quasi-cousin/sister A……who are *always* there for me….to share the tears and the joys. I am thankful we can just “be” ourselves and be there for each other.

For my SIL B–who *always* offers thoughtful advice….because she has “already been there.” She lets me know that I am not alone.

I am also thankful for FB—-being able to find so many “lost” but not forgotten friends.  I am thankful you are back in my life.

Our beautfiul house, our many travels, our fun toys, our loving pets.

Our health. I cannot say how fortunate we have been with our health. Thank You God.

This wonderful country that we live.  We have freedom. We have a say. Although the government is falling apart, when things hit the fan, the people of America know how to come together for a common cause.

Our military. Thank you for risking your lives to protect ours.


And the other members of Thomas Inc……

T-Man is thankful for the food we get to eat.

M-Man is thankful for our home and family.

Litte Guy is thankful for Lily and soccer.

Hubby is thankful that we are all healthy, and for his loving, caring family.

Miss Lily is thankful for her tennis balls and that her family bought her a sweater for the cold weather.


Wishing everyone a very happy, healthy, and safe Thanksgiving!