Broken….for a little while

QUESTION: What do you get when you have 3 boys, 2 skateboards, a dog, and a tennis ball all outside in February?

(Sounds like a Horrible combination, eh?)

ANSWER:  An ugly mess that results in a broken arm

Last Thursday, yet another mild winter day for us in Suburban Boston, my children went outside. First it was just Little Guy and M-Man, playing hoops. But things weren’t going so well between Little Bro and Big Bro, so T-Man declared “I’ll go outside to keep the peace!” (Thanks T-MAN!)

Not five minutes later, I hear this God-aweful continuous howling outside. Mommy-instinct KNOWS it’s bad.  I run to the front door and open it, but T-Man is yelling from the Basement “M’s Hurt.” Apparantly, Little Guy was getting back at Big Bro by throwing the tennis ball near where he was skateboarding. And the dog tackled M-Man off the skateboard. (BOYS………..ERGHHHHHH)

I find M, lying on the driveway on his left side, unable to move his left arm (did I ever mention, he’s a lefty?).  I get him to sit up, and I check his arms for swelling, bleeding or bruising, but I don’t see any.  I move him into the basement and get him some ice, but Mommy Spidey-sense is telling me that ice isn’t going to help this one…..He’s still howling in pain. And his elbow is starting to swell.

I pack the kids up and go to the local urgent care. I call my mom to get T-Man and Little Guy since it’s around dinner time, and we all know how emergency rooms can be. All in all, we didn’t wait long to be seen, or have X-rays taken. But the shocker was when the doctor came into our exam room, and without going near M-Man, looks at me at said, “I strongly suggest you take him to Children’s Hospital for evaluation rather than an orthopedic around here.”  EXCUSE ME?

I ask, “What exactly did you see in the Xray that you are sending us to Children’s? Now?”

I didn’t understand his Latin medical terminology, but I did hear surgery and pins. Oh boy. I call my mom and text hubby (who is on a plane back home) that we’re heading into Boston.

Dr. Urgent Care was right. M-Man required surgery to place pins in his elbow as he damaged his growth plate. He’ll be in a cast for 4-6 weeks.

And even with a cast from his knuckles to his shoulder, M-Man still wants to play with LEGO.

Our experiences the last few days reminded me of a few things.

First, M-Man is just an AMAZING kid.  Ok, I already knew that. But my time with him re-affirmed it!  Although at first impact, I’m sure his pain was a 20 on a scale of 1-10, by the time we were asked at Urgent Care, he said it was an 8.  By the time we reached Children’s Hospital, he said it was down to a 6. And after 5 hours in the Children’s ER, he stated it was a 4. And throughout the entire evening….throughout the entire 48 hour stay at Children’s….he was smiling the whole time.  He was such a trooper.  His spirit is awesome (and contagious). A total joy to be around and take care of.

I am also extremely grateful to be living 20 minutes away from one of the best, if not THE BEST, Children’s Hospital in the world.  The level of care and compassion is truly second to none. This is the third time (second for M-Man) that our children have had to go to Children’s. I have so much confidence in the expert care they provide. However, taking a trip to Children’s Hospital can be heart-wrenching–seeing so many children who are sick, or disabled, or need the specialized care that only Children’s can provide. It makes me appreciate so much that my children are strong, healthy, thriving children. THANK YOU GOD.

The next few weeks should be interesting. But M-Man is young, healthy, drinks his milk. And with that great spirit, how could he not heal quickly?


Living with a couple of Kiwis

Not this….

And not this…..

And not this….

There’s an odd sound in my house.  It goes something like “Ki…Wi”….”Ki….Wi”…..”Ki….Wi”  It has the tendency to repeat itself over and over again, very fast, in a very excited tone.

For example:

Ca….we……go to Toys R Us? Ca…we?   Ca…we?   Ki…wi?  Ki…wi?  Ki…wi???

Ca..we…have some ice cream? Ca we? Ca we?  Ki..wi?  Ki…wi? Ki…wi???????

Ca..we…get our DS’s back? Ca we? Ca we? Ki…wi? Ki..wi?  Ki…wi?????????????

At first it was just M-Man who sounded like a little Kiwi….but then all 3 boys start doing.  I can’t help but laugh.

You all right, Mate? Doing Great, thanks!

Keeping busy….keeping busy.

A little over a week ago, the boys and I tagged along with Hubby to England. It was the boys’ first trip back since we moved home in 2008.  I was really surprised how little T&M remembered. During the short ride from Manchester Airport to our town, T&M would say over and over “I never saw this!”  I turned around and said “BUT YOU HAVE!! Instead, please say, ‘I don’t remember’.”

It was a short trip–about 5 days. During those days, Hubby was working, so the boys and I were “on our own.” We stayed with a lovely family who we didn’t know very well. But that has now changed. During our short stay, our host family has become one of our closest friends.  T’s best friend’s mom (or should I say “mum”?) was kind enough to host a party with our closest friends. EVERYBODY showed up–all my friends, their husbands, and all the children. I think there were about 40 people total.  It was an amazing, amazing party.  I bought 8 bottles of champagne to celebrate our friendships.

On Monday, T&M attended class in their former school. I was overcome by the warm welcome we received.  Although at the start T&M didn’t remember some of their classmates, they had a fabulous time.  We have a few more addresses, and will be sending more letters!

When we arrived in the UK, I sent a FB message “Hellooooooo UK Friends!!”  One responded “Welcome Home!”  It really amazed me how much like “home” it felt, and how seamless our transition back was.  It was hard to believe it had been 3 years. When seeing all those wonderful people again, it felt like it was 3 weeks.


I am now the proud mum (yes, the Britishness hasn’t left) of a pair of 5th graders and a 1st grader.  The boys are done with school, and I am so proud of how well they did this past year!

The other morning, I watched from my bed as Little Guy was brushing his teeth, and had already dressed himself. All without me asking or reminding him. 

“Little Guy—come here and give your mommy a hug!” 

“Why, mommy?”

“Because I’m so proud of you for getting dressed and brushing your teeth all by yourself today!”

“MOMMMMMMM……I’m a FIRST GRADER now. Of course you don’t have to tell me.  But those 5th graders, you still have to tell them!”

I love that Little Guy!


I’m baby-sitting 4 goldfish this week.  I haven’t done the best job remembering to feed them. Their feeding schedule is slightly off–both in time and quantity. One day I fed them WAY TOO MUCH. The next feeding, barely anything. I’m also not sure how much time I should be spending with them.  Do they prefer human companionship? Should I sing to them? Toss a ball into the tank? DO they care?

Together or Separate?

That is one of the biggest questions Twin Moms ask in any twin-mom group, whether at a meeting or in an online discussion. Usually it revolves around school placement.  In my case, since my twins have been happily separated in school for 4 years, I am constantly asking whether to keep them together or separate with sports and after school activities.

So far, the boys choose to be together.  Their interests and abilities are surprisingly similar for fraternal twins.

However, that being said, each child does have his own streghths. M-man is surprisingly better at “individual” sports/activities. He is a fantastic swimmer (our family fish), he has great balance and speed on a bike. Same with roller-blading. Out of my 3 sons, he likes to play tennis.

I try to encourage these “individual” activities with M-man, because when he is playing a team sport, and the team loses (even if scores are not being kept, KIDS JUST KNOW WHO WON), M-man gets *very angry* at his team and himself for not playing at a level, or as a team, where there would be another notch in the W-column. He becomes one big pouty bugger. (he gets that from his dad)  And it is near impossible to rationalize with him and use positive ecouragment that he played really well and put in his best effort, or that the other team was better, or that he should practice and get better for the next game. Sometimes I feel like I have never met anyone more stubborn and pig-headed as M-man when he gets into these moods.

T-man, on the other hand, is very mellow and happy-go-lucky when it comes to sports and activities.  For the most part, Hubby and I strongly believe that he plays sports simply for the social aspect, and that is why team-sports suit him better.  T-man has always been a social creature.  He loves to be around people, goof off, and tell story after story after story. When he’s “out on the field,” the effort he puts in depends on what type of mood he’s in.  Sometimes, his effort is m-i-n-i-m-a-l, and it is painful and frustrating to watch.  When he’s in the mood and he has his groove on, he looks like he has the potential to be a very good athlete.  But we never know which T we will see.

What is dissappointing (from a parent/sports-fan perspective) is that neither of my twin sons feel the need to practice any sport.  They don’t need to choose a favorite, but to hear them talk, each sounds like he is destined for the Pro’s–whether it’s NBA, NFL, MLB, or MLS.  (sorry folks, we are NOT a hockey family) They will both play the occassional pick-up game of hoops or touch-football in our yard when the neighborhood kids come over, and they both play hard at game time when they are signed up on rec department teams. But just the other day, during his annual pedi check-up, T-man told Dr. Pedi, “I’m going to grow up to play in the NBA and be as good as Kobe Bryant.”  HELLLLOOOO?  Really. When you only pick up a basketball once a week?  And when M-man gets into one of his (above-referenced) moods, again, I want to say “Well, if you practiced more often….then maybe…..”

But, when asked “Hey guys, what sport or activity do you want to do this upcoming season?…..M, how about swim team?  T, how about basketball clinic?”   The answer is always “I want to do what HE is doing.”  Sigh. A large part of me feels that it’s time for each of them to improve their own personal skills and abilities doing activities that each excels in.

People think I’m *crazy* for even suggesting the boys participate in separate activities—I would be creating a logistical nightmare for myself.  Don’t get me wrong—having both boys play the same sport (and hence on the same team) is not only easier, but very enjoyable!  So, I guess as long as they insist on doing things together….who am I to say no?

A Day with the Kids

Since I woke up this morning, I have been surrounded by kids.  Ok, you’re wondering “isn’t this normal for you?”.  Well, yes, as a matter of fact it is. However, today I was surrounded by more than just my own 3 kids.  And up until the last 5 minutes, it’s been a pretty fun day.

I was parent-helper in Little Guy’s Kindergarten class today.  It was the last time for the year.  Normally, K-teacher doesn’t have volunteers on Monday, but she forgot to X-out today on the volunteer calendar, and I filled in the spot, so there I was.  It was really fun because I got a chance to talk to the teachers a bit more than usual, as on Mondays the kids go to art and gym in the morning. I got to listen on K-teachers explanation of sea animals–the fish, the whales, sharks, rays, etc.  And I got to help 2 kids finish last week’s and today’s paperwork.

Straight from Kindergarten, I drove over to T&M’s school because I had volunteered to help out on Field Day.  I got there just as they were finishing up the morning portion, so I got to have “lunch” with T’s class and M’s class.  Fourth grade lunch is definitely an experience. One that, perhaps, I wouldn’t want to experience again.

After lunch, T’s class was scheduled to play Kickball. I was very excited when the class decided to play boys vs. girls. As the class was mostly boys, Miss L and I got to play on the girls’ team.  Miss L kicked first, and then the other girls took their turn, and I was the last one.  As I was waiting, I told Miss L how I hadn’t played kickball since 7th grade, and that I was always last one picked for team’s because I was a liability since my parents frowned upon girl’s athleticism.  I was SO excited when it was my turn.  I pictured myself bombing one into right field, having that feeling of vindication from being picked last all those years ago. 

The pitcher rolled the ball. It slowly approached home base. My adrenalin started pumping.  Here it comes, foot ready……kicked foul.  Well, OK.  First kickball kick in 25 years.  It’s ok if it went foul.  Here comes the 2nd ball.  Ready….ready…..kick….foul.

And I’m out.


Clearly, I missed the parent-volunteer’s rules that 2 fouls constituted an out.  Shit.  There goes my glorious moment.

I stayed at field day for 2 more activities , “Cars” which was nothing more than a game of tag, and “Boulder Dam” where the “it” person has to avoid being hit by a giant boulder (bouncy ball) being pushed by all the other players in the direction of the “it” person.

I came home……exhausted.  Wiped out.  I wonder if I’ll be this tired when/if I get a “real” job?

And what has become the norm around here, all the neighborhood boys have convened at our house for after-school basketball, trampolining, rugby, soccer….whatever.  I’ve actually been enjoying the camaraderie that has developed amongst the kids. For the most part, there has been little or no trouble (pretty amazing, considering there are usually 6 boys here). Until today, when I heard my 6 year old shouting very improper language at one of the kids.  Because Little Guy didn’t know I was on the deck. I’m not a happy momma at the moment.  He knew they were bad words. He knew that when he said them. He just thought he could get away with it. And I knew this would be a problem with him hanging out (every day) with 10 and 11 year olds.  I just thought he knew better.

A New Chapter……Bouncing and Balls

This past weekend held a range of emotions–from super-excited to nostalgic and sad.  We’re entering a new chapter in our lives.

With the twins turning 10, and with the help of an overly generous grandmother, we purchased a trampoline for the boys.  To make room for it, we had to take down the swing set that we bought for their 2nd Birthday.  I remember how adorable the boys were when they played “Super Baby” swinging on the swing while on their stomach(you have to wait until I master photo-scanning to insert this pix!). The numerous picnics they had in the “tower.” Or using the tower as a battle station. Or the first time they were strong enough to attempt the monkey bars.  Or sliding down a snowy slide.

The swing-set was very well used over the last 8 years!


But then, the trampoline was up. And the neighborhood kids started pouring in.  The mom’s said “Wow, I’ve always thought trampoline was a good idea, but we had no room (or whatever their excuse).”

Bounce, Bounce, Bounce, Bounce.

We couldn’t get the kids off of it!!!

Even the Big Guy had a go. He was pretty good. But then again, he’s good at just about everything. 

Then it was my turn.  Hmmm….I don’t think I have ever been on a trampoline before.  Definitely a new sensation. Sadly, it makes me feel somewhat light-headed. Maybe it’s my brain slamming into my skull. I definitely can’t do it for very long.  However, there was some soreness in the abs and butt this morning….perhaps this might be a good exercise tool for when the kiddies are at school?!?

The other task for the weekend was to clean out the garage. While Hubby swept and tidied up, I focused my energy on cleaning out the “Ball Bin.” Several years ago, we purchased a sports equipment organizer.

It has come in very handy in keeping all the boys’ STUFF in one corner of our garage. However, it was over-floweth.

I filled 2 trash bags full of “toddler items”–such as the plastic driveway bowling set, 3 sets of plastic “junior” golf sets, plastic wiffle ball and giant oversized baseball bats,  toddler size footballs and soccer balls (some chewed by the dog), some misc. Home Depot kiddie tools, broken frisbees, a pair of toddler roller blades. 

Once I was done, the bin was still full…but now it held only “real size” footballs, basketballs, and soccer balls.

My little boys are growing up. Time for the next chapter.

Double Digits

Today, May 14th, my twin sons, T&M, turn 10 years old. Double Digits. A decade. It is absolutely astonishing to me. I can remember being on bedrest, their birth, their first weeks home….as if it were yesterday. Yes, that sounds cliché. But it is so true.

 When Hubby proposed to me, it was a bit of a surprise. He was rebound guy, after-all. The day after his proposal, I asked him what kind of family he wanted—big, small, boys, girls, how many?  His response, “Oh we’re going to have twin girls.”

Excuse me?!?

Apparently, he had many dreams and/or premonitions we would have twin girls. OHHH—KAAAAYYYY.

 For the next 4 years, we joked about the “twin girls” and even came up with names—Cassandra Marie (my choice) and Madison Joyce (his choice).

Imagine my surprise, when during the firstOBvisit, there were ACTUALLY TWO BABIES on the ultrasound screen. Shocked. Speechless. I looked at Hubby with a WTF? Look. 

For several weeks, we went ahead with the belief that the 2 infants inside me were to be named Cassie and Maddie.

IMAGINE HIS SURPRISE when at the 20 week check-up, he (we) was told it was BOYS! Of course, he asked the ultra-sound technician to double check. She said there was nothing to double-check—the plumbing was definitely male.  I think it took us several weeks to come up with boys names that we were both happy with.

At about 22 weeks, we moved fromCaliforniaback to theBostonarea. In the middle of February. While I was busy getting all the “home” and relocation stuff taken care of (i.e. cars registered), and shoveling the occasional snow off the deck (it wasn’t really shoveling….just pushing the snow off the deck), I forgot to take care of myself….drink water and stay dehydrated. The second week of March, and week 26, I was admitted to the hospital for pre-term labor. I *KNEW* that the babies weren’t going to be born yet. I just KNEW.  I was right. But I was put on terbuterline (a contraction-stopping drug) and bed rest for the remainder of my pregnancy.

The day before Mother’s Day, when I was at 36 weeks, my OB permitted me to stop taking the terbuterline. I was 2 cm dialated at the time. But she felt that should the babies want to come out, it was safe for them to do so. Hubby made me Belgian waffles for a Mother-To-Be Breakfast. It was awesome.

The next day, Monday May 14th, I had to go to the Hospital for a non-stress test and a check-up with a doctor from myOB’s practice. Hubby had a scheduled meeting that he could not get out of, so we asked Hubby’s BF, who worked nearby, to drive me to the hospital.  BF gave me such a hard time…..”Don’t be going into labor in my really expensive German sports car.”  HAHAHAHA.  Well, we got to the hospital ok, but just after my check-up, as I was waiting for Hubby to pick me up, my water broke. And MY GOD….what a gush of water it was! (sigh of relief from Hubby’s BF)

T&M were born later that night, at 9:32pm and 9:42 pm. They were so tiny. And I was in a fog and haze on how to care for two little 5-lb infants!  They each fit from Hubby’s elbow to wrist. That’s how tiny they were.

Since then, they have grown from little tiny infants—just big enough and healthy enough to come home from the hospital with us—to toddling toddlers to “tweens.”  There have been many rough patches, but in retrospect, they could have been MUCH MUCH WORSE.  I remember hearing from a fellow MOT that her twins would take off their feetsie-PJs, take off their diapers, and then schmeer poop on the walls. Lucky for us, my boys never went to such extremes!

I can’t remember much from their early days. I tell people that if it were not for photographs, I would have no memory of T&M’s first 6 months. To say that we were living in a sleep-deprived funk would be an understatement. And then I had the PPD on top of it. God, I wish I could erase those months. Or at least have a re-do. A mulligan.

I have tried to make up for those first few months. I know I haven’t been the best mom, but then again, there is no manual, is there? I’ve worked at parenting. But I can tell you that I have had a fantastic time watching my little angels grow into happy, healthy, intelligent, curious, well-mannered (most of the time), creative, funny, confident, handsome TEN YEAR OLDS!

Happy Campers

It’s that time of year again, folks.  Finding camps and activities for the young ‘uns during the summer months.

It’s CRAZY, man!

I remember when we lived in England, this very well-trained American starting researching summer options in APRIL. I came up with nothing, nada, zilch.  Why? you ask.  School doesn’t get out until mid-July, so the summer camp/activity people in the UK don’t start printing and sending out material until the end of June. That means you only have 4 weeks or less to get a spot for your child in the activity you/he/she wishes to participate in.

BUT NOT HERE!!!  It’s May 9th, and I feel like I’m behind. Do we go with the very low priced Recreation Department programs (the ones that my kids have done year after year…..), the High School sponsored sports camps, or the “semi-professional” sports camps? Should they go all day or half-day? Do any of them conflict with our trips or other summer plans? Am I going to be dropping one kid on this side of town, and the other on the opposite side of town? What will I do with Little Guy while the twins are at Basketball camp? Oh no, I forgot about tennis lessons. T-Man wants to do Football camp, but M-Man doesn’t, and Little Guy is too young.


It’s enough to pull my hair out. I printed out blank calendars for June, July and August. I used colored pencils to come up with different scenarios.   I spent the afternoon filling out registration forms and photocopying immunization and physical records.

I just want everyone to have fun.  I’ll let you know when I get there!

I’ll have one of those!

The members of Thomas Inc recently returned from a short, but much-needed, get-away to Aruba. (It was fantastic!) We stayed at an all-inclusive, which had a swim up bar.  I can’t tell you how much T-Man enjoyed the concept of a all-you-can-drink Swim-Up Bar—pure heaven for him!!  During our trip, we let all 3 boys enjoy non-alcoholic tropical concoctions—pina coladas, (non) rum punch i.e. “Pirate Punch”, and strawberry daquiris.

On our 3rd night, we ate one of the fancier restaurants (as a treat for the VP).  Even the kid menu was “grown up.” When the waiter arrived, M-Man placed his order for dinner. 

“I’ll have a Fill-et Mig-non (pronounced phonetically…not the french pronunciation) and a Strawberry Dickory.”


What to Read?

No, I’m not looking for personal book-club suggestions.  But I am looking for some sage words on how to deal with almost-10 year old reading selections.

Clearly, reading is important. We started reading to the boys the day they came home from the hospital.  As part of their nightly homework, T&M are required to read a minimum of 20 minutes per night. However, as they are getting older, and the books should be getting harder, I have them read 30 min (OK, it’s probably 20 minutes PLUS the 10 minutes of arguing “But the teacher said at least 20.”….Yup, AT LEAST being the KEY WORDS).  And of course, life happens and we forget some nights…or the weather is too nice and I feel it’s more important they play that day than read….or we have something else going on….or over the weekend they play too much DS or Wii….I will say they owe me an hour of reading.

M-man no longer complains “WHY DO I HAVE TO READ?!?!”  He has become pretty good at finding a genre of books that he enjoys–usually mystery books.  The books have become thicker over the course of the year, and I’m thinking the books are at a 5th or 6th grade level. And like his mommy, once he “gets into” a book….all he wants to do is read it (providing that something more important isn’t going on.)

T-Man….however…’s my issue…..

T is often seen with a book of some-sort on his lap. But it’s often a “picture book” or a book with LOTS of pictures. Sometimes it’s his LEGO Star Wars Encyclopedia, sometimes it’s the Science experiment book, sometimes it’s a book about WWII war planes. And I’m never quite sure if he’s actually reading the text or just looking and studying the pictures.  I am constantly on his case to “get a chapter book.” And he argues with me about this. I don’t know if he just doesn’t like fiction books, or the length of the books, or the content. Or what.  And when he does dig out a “Chapter Book,” it’s usually a Diary of the Wimpy Kid book or a Nate book…..both loaded with pictures, cartoon drawings or easy text.  Or something else that he read 1-2 years ago; something that he is familiar with.

On the other hand, I know that he very much  likes history/geography. Very often he brings home books from the school library on WWI, WWII, Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, The Civil War, etc. Once, when we were at a bookstore, he asked me to buy him a book on the American Revolution.  At that moment, I had an “AHA” Moment where I realized….OK, he’s reading….not a “chapter” book….but a history book….it’s still READING (and learning).  But again, I’m not sure if he’s just studying the pictures or reading the text too (i.e. more than just the text describing the pictures). 

Yes, according to his teacher(s), he is reading at grade level. And he is one heck of a smart boy.   So I should probably leave him along and let T be T.